Why Have Therapy?

I work with relationships, stress, depression, bereavement, anxiety, low self esteem, experiences of abuse, addictions, sexual issues, health problems, life balance, infertility, mental health problems and all aspects affecting our lives.

People come to see me for many different reasons, perhaps……..

  • You feel anxious and not sure why
  • You are struggling to cope at work or home
  • You are feeling overwhelmed by family or relationship issues
  • You are lonely or depressed
  • You wonder how you’ve got to where you are in life
  • You question the very meaning of life
  • You have been made redundant
  • You harbour feelings of resentment, disappointment or despair
  • You feel things could be better
  • You want to change the direction of your life and take control

What Therapy Offers
A confidential relationship of trust where you have an opportunity to explore your life with a therapist trained to help make sense of the problem with you and to support you. By understanding the meaning of your feelings and behaviour therapy helps you to reach your full potential and where necessary supporting you to make the changes in order to find a greater appetite for life.